All that I am, and all that I ever was…

Me and mine: My Why is on the first page.

My how and what: I’ve been a baby, child, youth, wanderer, lover, scholar, warrior, husband, father, and product manager (in that order) and continue to be them in varying degrees. I strive always to be a leader.

Professional: Considering hiring me? Being hired by me? Mentoring one way or the other? Let me tell you about myself.

Personal: I do post personal items here about myself and my family too, if its very personal and/or shows faces of children I often password protect it if you’re a friend please feel free to ask for the password!

Then lets connect! Contact Me

This website: How does the website make money? It doesn’t!

It’s a modest cost I pay (about 40 bucks a year) to have a place all my own that I can write what I think un-beholden to anyone else. Want to help cover hosting costs? This Brave referral program could help do that, and could bring you into an era of speedy private, secure web-browsing too!