The Art of Product War

Military and Product leaders can learn from each-other!

Writing and reflecting about leadership and product management made me realize that my fellow veterans have a lot to offer on leadership. How to outline and set a mission, how to develop and take care of people, and most crucially how to set the example.

I’ve been assembling these observations for a few years and you can find posts on them here under the tag: Art_Of_Product_War

There are a lot of Product Management thought leaders out there and “breaking into product management” advisors. Many of them have helpful books and takes I’ve benefited from. I don’t intend to compete directly with them but rather to share my synthesis of ideas that I have found most helpful, and what I tend to share with folks I advise and mentor in a more one on one sort of way. I discuss this in this post on mentorship. My next effort on this is to bring many of the links that I tend to share out of the mentoring google doc and post them here: