Photo of Richard Ian Porter used as profile picture (PFP) with the name RichardIPorter on most handles. In this image he is standing outside with trees in the background and some shadows on his face. He is wearing a gray blazer over a gray T shirt, the T shirt has the UNC old well in white and there is a lapel pin of  crossed flags: United States Marine Corps flag and the flag of the United States of America. He smiles slightly and has a close cropped beard, shaved head and blue eyes.
This is my pic on nearly every profile and the username is usually RichardIporter

Lets connect!

It’s fine to call me Rich, Richard, Dick, or Ian (my middle name) or Porter.

If we haven’t connected yet or its been a long while and you’re looking to re establish contact you can email me:

Fastest responses on signal messenger. If you don’t have my number for it please do ask!