Love in the time of COVID-19

We have lots of love in this home. We also have some fear.

We have a baby in the NICU with chronic lung disease. A mommy with asthma. A daddy with allergies and a kiddo who understands as much as a just under 5 year old can understand.

We’re washing hands. We’re working form home. We’re visiting our NICU baby daily (you can read about it on this blog with the password) but trying to go to the grocery store only once a week. No more preschool or swim lessons. Less outside time overall.

I think if you’re reading this you’re likely a friend or family member and you’re probably already taking this very seriously.

But I have a mission to learn and teach so that others can survive and thrive through understanding knowledge and I think this qualifies. I have found these Medium articles very informative. So too have been conversations on Sam Harris’s Making Sense Podcast and Coronavirus Daily Briefing if you want to go deeper there’s a lot out there that can be found in pod or writing forms.

In terms of taking action: please stay home. Please wash your hands. If you don’t yet have one please consider starting a meditation practice.

Stay safe and healthy.