Meet up in Meat Space

I’m very busy. Aren’t we all theses days?

But this weekend I got a wonderful chance to meet up with a couple of friends as they traveled through m neck of the woods. I’d love to post this reminder to myself and any others who might be interested.

1 Meet up in meat space if you’re going to be within a 1 hour drive of any old friends temporarily I strongly recommend letting them know and making the effort to meet up in person for a few. Ive NEVER regretted it.
2 Maintain on digital space – share notes and updates and asks in group chats -choose an app that allows a balance of privacy and trust with our friends to contain the right group chats. Post something nice 😁 as much as you can.
3 No fear: talk about the important things with friends, mental health treatment and practices, family, travel, work achievements and challenges, goals, book recommendations.

That’s it. Thanks!


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