On loving kindness

An uncomplicated feeling of love

May you be happy
O daughter of mine
My little winter bear
Snuggled on my chest

May you be free from pain
As the IV and tubes feed you
As the monitors beep vitals
As you wiggle on me

May you be free from suffering
As you snuffle around your ET Tube
As the ventilator brings you 42% O2
As your mommas milk digests

May you be happy
O my heart outside my body
But not so far out
Twitching on my chest atop its beat

May you be free from pain
O blood of my blood
As donor blood joins yours
The fourth of one unit

May you be free from suffering
The fourth of our unit
The second cub in our den
Our Winter, born in winter

May you be happy
In this life you have
In this family we’ve made
Of miracles big and small

May you be free from pain
As free as you can be
Free from cancer of all kinds
From bullets, explosives or disease

May you be free from suffering
If you encounter these
Be as lucky as your parents
Or more

May you be happy
Surrounded by love
Growing in strength and peace
May all the world as well, for you.


3 responses to “On loving kindness”

  1. Barbara Vogel Avatar
    Barbara Vogel

    Such a safe den of heart, hands, warmth, breath, intention. Winter is protected in love and unceasing prayer.

    1. Wonderful words!!

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