To chase the light

I’m back at work now. Our family is finding ways to juggle between the responsibilities of earning money and provide childcare and educate and entertain our kiddos.

I wont lie and say its picture perfect (but of course I used the perfect pictures as the photos here). Our Disney-plus subscription is getting a real workout. But our eldest is also drawing and playing restaurant and dolls, and trick or treat games. Our youngest has been starting to smile and coo adorably. She has favorite songs we sing her. Daddy sings her “You were born” by Cloud Cult and Mommy sings “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks. She loves to smile and be sung to and get rubs and listen to music.

Her older sister loves to watch disney movies over and over and over again. Descendants and Big Hero Six. But she also invents games like the one where she is a waitress and a chef at the “ABC Restaurant” and wants to know what she can get ya. Then she brings you a hot dog and veggie soup and coffee and double scoop Ice Cream. She also sometimes helps out with yard projects (as above), she loves to go to the pool and swim. Her courage all came rushing back in the first day or two of returning to the pool and 20 foot depth is a regular occurrence again.

We are getting through this bit by bit. Sorting through and chasing the light in our own way. We hope you are too.