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Brilliance in the Basics (of Product Management)

The Marine Corps preaches “be brilliant in the basics.” Often we may be tempted to get fancy to use the latest sexiest gear and cool new techniques. But the highest payoff is almost always reflecting back on the most basic competencies and becoming brilliant in those.

To do this as a Product Manager: Start with Why. Measure what Matters. Be User-Centered. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

There it is, the basics. Want more? How about 45 minutes more!

These slides taken from drab to fab by my colleague Pedro Bueno.

Appearing in this video and granting their kind permission for posting: Oen Hammonds (voice appearance) Pedro Bueno, Jillian Srygley, Amanda Liimatainen, Mike Rofrano and Mindy Villaran.