Woman holding Money

Hey there, Billionaire!

You are a Billionaire. No really, it’s true! (I think.)

You probably have at least a Billion seconds left to live on this earth. Most people with a Billion dollars aren’t so lucky.

Hello fellow Billionaires!

I can’t recall if it was Peter Diamandis or Naval Ravikant or someone else I heard this idea from first, but I love it. It centers my gratitude and attention on what is important, and it simultaneously gives me a cool hack to understand big numbers.

Think of big numbers in terms of seconds. 1 M is approximately 12 days. 1 B is approximately 32 years. So if you’re thinking of money think of earning a dollar a second.

Here’s my quick reference card:

The key thing to remember is: you probably are a Billionaire: you have 32 or more years left in your life.

Spend them wisely!

Featured Photo Credit: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash