Its gonna be a great day

Ive been reading (not yet done!) and practicing the “Maui Habit” from BJ Fogg’s awesome book “Tiny Habits.” It’s Tiny. Every day when you put your feet down on the ground you say “It’s gonna be a Great Day.”

I’ve been enjoying it, its given a positive start to every day. I add to it by saying it to my wife when she wakes up to go to her workout. To my baby daughter when I go to pick her up in her crib, to my five year old when she comes out of her room. Re-enforcing it.

I recently took about a week off of work. We filled the time with home improvement work and a super short trip to the mountains for two nights for a change of scenery. We spent some time planning how as a family we would like to spend money. We used sticky notes and our sliding glass doors to post them.

Kiddo has a has placed high priority on barbie house.

Then we rapidly got to experience how much to we needed to shift from it. We had to replace a hot water heater at a house we own in Jacksonville, NC from when I was stationed there. This on top of the AC we had to replace there last fall. We chose to buy a Reverse Osmosis water filter that I need to figure out how to install to filter out the P-FAAS in our water herein our neck of the woods. We had our own Air Conditioner go out and have been without AC for 3 days. The other night our water heater stopped working too (turns out the power washing we had done tripped a GFI outlet that rendered the starter inoperable till it dried out next day.) So we all had to take cold showers and baths. Our older daughter has basically gotten her entire dose of screentime for her whole life this year at home – the TV acting as a stand in babysitter and teacher until we become comfortable sending her to school when fall 2021 arrives.

And you know what? It’s been a great day. A great week. It’s been a great year.

Because each of these headaches can be spun positively. Its a good thing I like taking cold showers cause they’re invigorating after workouts, so Im used to them. Besides, the AC is out so its kinda hot anyway. Good thing the AC is under warranty so we only need to pay for labor and refrigerant in the repair! Good thing we can afford the RO water filter to protect ourselves and our family from the PFAAS. Good thing we replaced the water heater and AC recently at the Jacksonville house in case we decide to sell it since we dont want to keep managing it. Good thing the housing market is up. Good thing we can afford to have our five year old stay at home and we can stay home, and wokr from home, and got our vaccines. Good thing our baby came home about a year ago mid April from her stay at the NICU.


It’s gonna be a great day.