Happy Birthdays

We recently had a couple of birthdays to celebrate. My oldest daughter just marked another year. Our nation progressed to its 245th. To celebrate these we went to the beach for a whole week. My father, stepmother and sister flew in from Colorado. Our girls got to see them for the first time since the Pandemic began. The youngest never really saw them before.

It was great. A week of relaxation without work at the beach always is. It was a great time to practice gratitude. To be thankful for the fortune to have family that has lived through the pandemic. To have the resources and time to come together for a week at the beach to make up for the distance and time we lose otherwise.

We visited the beach, we swam in a pool. We ran on the beach, we went to a restaurant and ate outside at a table around other humans (this was a little uncomfortable.) We came home with fond memories and gratitude for our time together with eachother.


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