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I’m a busy man. (Arent we all?) and as a tech product manager Im alsways looking to play with new tech. In the past Ive said gen AI wasnt good enough to write for me. Now it is. Mostly. Also sometimes not really. But I dont have a lot of time to carve out to really make this post meaningful the way it deserves to be. Therefore, Ive recorded it as a loom video full of all my heart and soul. And prompted the leading 4 Gen AIs with that to try to see what they can make of it. Mostly they’re not good enough for this, but you’re welcome to see the exploration. I like using this stashpad doc to share, because wordpress has been giving me trouble with loom links.

If you want tog et into the nitty gritty of my back and forth with the LLMs you can do that here (safe link no sign in): https://docs.stashpad.com/document/doc-nfgyc6-BQr9THEzYV3UKM0VK

I suppose the least bad two outputs are:

Chat GPT 4o

Blog Post: F— Your Feelings Friday

Feel Your Feelings

This Memorial Day weekend, I want you to truly embrace your feelings. Yes, you heard it right—f— your feelings Friday is about feeling your feelings deeply and authentically.

Memorial Day Meaning

Memorial Day is often marked by mattress sales and barbecues, but it’s rooted in remembering the brave souls who gave their lives for our freedom. As a veteran, I’ve had mixed feelings about how people celebrate this day. Sometimes, I’ve wanted to remind everyone to honor our fallen comrades. Other times, I’ve believed in letting people enjoy their weekend as they see fit. But today, I want to encourage you to feel.

Feel the Sadness and Gratitude

When I think of Memorial Day, I feel sadness for lives cut short—Lieutenant Colonel Palmer, Lance Corporal Wilson, Sergeant Herbeck. Their sacrifices are etched in my memory. Yet, I also feel relief and gratitude that I’m still here, that my children are safe. These feelings are complex, but they’re real and deserve to be felt.

Physical Reactions to Emotions

When stressed, I feel a tightness in my jaw and chest. These physical cues remind me to reflect on my emotions. Can I change what’s causing these feelings? Sometimes, just acknowledging them is enough.

Lessons from Peaky Blinders

Watching Peaky Blinders with my wife has been a stark reminder of the consequences of not feeling your feelings. Arthur Shelby’s inability to cope leads to destructive behavior. Tommy Shelby, while more controlled, still bears the scars. It’s a powerful lesson in why feeling our emotions is crucial.

Cherish the Moment

This weekend, feel the sun on your skin, the cool water of the pool, the touch of your child’s hand. My daughter’s recent tonsillectomy reminded me of the fleeting nature of these moments. When she cuddles in my arms, I savor it, knowing it won’t last forever. Not everyone gets to hold their children again, but I do. I feel this deeply, and I urge you to do the same.

A Call to Feel

Whether it’s listening to “The Green Fields of France” by the Dropkick Murphys or reading the Gettysburg Address, find ways to connect with your feelings. Feel your breath, the grass under your feet, the warmth of a loved one’s touch. Recognize that all of this will pass, and that’s okay. That’s life.

So, this Memorial Day weekend, f— your feelings Friday is about truly feeling them. Make their sacrifice meaningful by living fully, by feeling deeply. Enjoy your weekend, and let your emotions flow.

The Loom AI SOP itself

SOP: Embracing Feelings this Memorial Day Weekend


The objective of this SOP is to encourage team members to embrace and feel their emotions deeply during the Memorial Day weekend.

Key Steps

  1. Drop into Your Body: Encourage team members to drop into their felt experience and feel their emotions.
  2. Reflect on Feelings: Identify physical cues of stress or emotions, such as tightness in the chest or jaw, and reflect on the emotions being experienced.
  3. Remember Fallen Comrades: Reflect on the sacrifices of fallen comrades and acknowledge feelings of sadness, guilt, gratitude, and relief.
  4. Recognize Temporary Nature: Understand that emotions and moments are temporary, and appreciate the present experiences.
  5. Engage in Activities: Listen to emotional music, watch relevant shows or movies, or engage in activities that promote emotional reflection.
  6. Feel the Environment: Encourage feeling the sun, water, touch of loved ones, or nature to connect with emotions and surroundings.

Cautionary Notes

  • Avoid suppressing or ignoring emotions, as it can lead to negative coping mechanisms.
  • Be mindful of personal boundaries and emotional triggers while engaging with feelings.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Schedule time during the weekend for emotional reflection and engagement.
  • Keep a journal to note down emotions and reflections for personal growth.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to enhance emotional awareness and processing.
    By following these steps, team members can effectively embrace their feelings during the Memorial Day weekend, fostering emotional well-being and reflection.


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