Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Change of year reflections

Instead of New Years resolutions or even advice for the year as Ive done before. I thought this year I would reflect some on things I did that have served me well, things I would like to do more of, and things that maybe I should leave behind as much as possible.

What went well that I want to keep:

  • Most things honestly went pretty well.
  • Getting on the Peloton daily sometimes multiple times a day. Very convenient and easy to do.
  • Getting a good amount of sleep 7-8 hours. Very helpful.
  • Shutting my mouth. Both breathing through my nose (including mouth taping) and trying to listen more.
  • Getting outside with the kiddos just to wander and let them play in the parks.
  • Recording quick video clips for colleagues in Slack to share more context of a take than a text message will allow.
  • Getting a high quality webcam that makes these videos better.
  • Consistently encouraging family to wear high quality respirators (KF 94 for kiddos, N95 for me and KN95 for wife)
  • Reading to the oldest every night and encouraging her to read more and more, reading to the youngest when she wants it too.
  • Accepting a lot of how things are, and recognizing how they will change, with patience.
  • Listening to good podcasts and audiobooks, reading a few good books of my own.
  • Using items well past when most people would, replacing slowly not quickly.
  • Evaluating if/when to take action to change something, if I can.
  • Looking for efficient, affordable, simple as much has possible.
  • Working to live, not living to work.
  • Working from home.

Some intentions I’d like to do more of:

  • More formal meditation practice. Id like to build a habit toward a daily brief practice for this.
  • More routine food prep so there’s boiled eggs on hand for breakfast, quinoa and beans for lunches and dinners.
  • More regular talks about money and money planning with wife.
  • Writing more in my blog.
  • More playing with AI.

Some things I would like to do less of:

  • Twitter
  • Re-watching television
  • Worrying about things I cannot change
  • Bringing sugar into the house
  • Drinking alcohol


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