Hello world! and disclaimers

I’m starting a blog. Again. Way back in my teenage years I think I tried this with …xanga maybe? Anyway. With the recent breaches at Facebook, Google and the surveillance capitalism business model driving social media in less predictable ways I’ve decided I need a place where I can share as accurately as I can what I want to. That’ll be this.

I’ll be writing about things that are important to me here. So I want to make some disclaimers:


  1. Total amateur: I’m making this all up. Expertise is fleeting and illusory. I’m a student and maybe in some areas more experienced than others.
  2. Mashups and remixes : I’m not really making this up purely, because there’s nothing new under the sun. Everything I write is a rehash, standing on shoulders of giants, twisting their words in different ways and is probably mostly wrong (see #1).
  3. Never enough: time or energy or information to write what I wish I could. (I’m desperately grateful for you spending your time and energy reading it and would love any comments!)
  4. Citations?!: Due to (#3). I don’t have time to do justice to (#2). as I wish. I also don’t often remember where exactly of, from, or whom, I learned things. I may sometimes really try hard to cite or attribute where I think I learned something, but will likely miss the origin of ideas often.
  5. Never malicious: I never intend to claim outright credit for another’s idea out of whole cloth, if you think I have not remixed enough (#2)  and should therefore cite (#4) please let me know!
  6. Always changing: Due to (#1) And (#2)… And really #3, #4 and #5. I will likely make edits to older writings as I think they’re needed (or wont due to (#3). Per (#5) I’ll try really hard to be open about these if something really important changes.  
  7. More to come: Per 6 there will likely be more disclaimers in the future.

4 replies on “Hello world! and disclaimers”

  1. It shows that we grew up together that we think so alike. Those disclaimers are exactly how I feel, though I never feel that I should share anything as I am a total amateur with exactly zero ability to cite my sources. Nor do I feel like I have anything useful to add to the human debate. Good for you for trying, I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts since you usually write what I’m thinking anyway in a much more eloquent way than I could. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Olivier! I’ll quibble with this part `Nor do I feel like I have anything useful to add to the human debate.` I think you do. But looking forward to keeping the conversation going, maybe here? You should make your own site! WordPress and namecheap make it pretty easy!

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