Look, a lot of people aren’t going to like what I’m saying here:

If you’re not using a password manager, you should just quit your job in tech.


You wouldn’t trust a technology consultant emailing you from a domain like: Yahoo.com or AOL.com. Neither should you trust someone who is relying on some terrible combination of memory, password re-use, or browser password storage.

Why would I make an outrageous claim like “If you don’t use a password manager, you should quit your tech job”? Because not using a password manager when you work in tech is indicative of either professional negligence, professional ignorance or professional laziness.

Your passwords have been breached. I promise. 10 BILLION accounts have been compromised.  You can check if yours was among them here (at havibeenpwned.com maintained by security researcher and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt.)

This could be a big, long, blog on how important it is to use a password manager, but lots of people have made videos about that and that’s even more fun to go consume than reading.

Here’s a fun one from Vox Media

Fun! Anyway…

Just use a password manager. I recommend and use lastpass– it has a free tier to get started (disclosure: the above is a referral link they’ll give us each a free month of the premium service if you sign up… But get started with or without my link). There are lots of very well reviewed ones , but you must begin using one, because 2020 was the year of the breaches, and so were all the years before it And 2021 will be too… Just do it. Today. Right now. Stop reading this and start setting up a password manager. Here’s an independent how-to from a security and privacy non-profit here. Seriously this blog will wait, go do it.

Are you back? Did you do it? Can you keep working in tech?

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