Meet Up 2

I had the distinct pleasure of catching up this Monday evening with a friend from a product team I worked on a few years back. He lives in the UK and was kind enough to message me that he’d be in town for a workshop.
I was on calls until 5:30 PM, my wife would be teaching Yoga, I would have my 8 and 4 year old and I was leaving to take the family on a vacation on Wednesday at 3 AM so Tuesday wasnt a great day for me (and his workshop was then anyway!)

Nevertheless, I remembered my reflections from my past post meet up in meat space and I asked him to meet me at a playground halfway between us. My girls played, my friend and I talked for a few hours. We had the distinct pleasure of seeing eachother for the first time in years and likely the only opportunity for several.

I intend to keep this pattern going folks and I recommend it to you


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