Out Of Office (choose your adventure!)

I’m out of office and decided to have some fun with it. This is what Is sending from my email – and Im posting a redirect link to deliver here from slack!

I am out of office. Please either set your email or slack to re-deliver on or after 18 March if you want me to review it, (to be clear messages delivered between now and 18 march will not be reviewed) or if your issue is urgent please contact my manager <name> for routing.

Richard I Porter

Not fun enough? Enjoy the below (All content drafted by MS Copilot running GPT prompted by yours truly)!

In the hallowed halls of digital correspondence, where email servers hum and Slack channels echo, our intrepid sender stumbled upon an unexpected apparition. The flickering glow of a monitor revealed not mere pixels, but the spectral form of Richard, the Product Manager—a man of spreadsheets and coffee stains, now clad in ethereal robes.

Sender: Startled “By the binary code! Who dares haunt my inbox?”

Richard: His voice echoing like a forgotten password “Fear not, weary traveler. I am Richard, once tethered to the mortal realm of deadlines and JIRA tickets. But behold! I have transcended! I am now the Avatar of Out-of-Office.”

Sender: Brows furrowed “Avatar of…what?”

Richard: “I have embarked on a grand adventure with my kin, seeking both Wi-Fi and enlightenment. My inbox lies dormant, its gates sealed until the eighteenth day of March and I shall not review any messages sent betwixt now and then even upon my return. But fret not, for I offer thee two paths.”

  1. Invoke the Re-Delivery Spell: Cast upon your missive the enchantment of delayed delivery. On the appointed day, it shall reappear, and I shall read it with the solemnity of a librarian discovering a lost scroll.
  2. Venture to Slack’s Abyss: Seek answers in the bustling marketplace of Slack. Shout your queries, and may the emoji gods favor you. If all else fails, seek my Manager—the one who wields the almighty ‘Forward’ button.

Sender: Pondering “And if I choose the Re-Delivery Spell?”

Richard: “Ah, then your message shall slumber, wrapped in digital parchment, until the appointed hour. I shall review it, perhaps with a cup of chamomile tea, and respond accordingly.”

Sender: Eyes narrowing “And if I venture to Slack’s Abyss?”

Richard: “There, my friend, you shall encounter GIFs, memes, and the occasional existential crisis. Seek answers, but beware the trolls. If all else fails, seek my Manager—the one who knows the secret handshake of escalation.”

Sender: Resolute “I shall choose wisely, Avatar Richard.”

Richard: “May your days be productive, your coffee strong, and your Wi-Fi signal unwavering. Fare thee well, brave sender.”

And so, the spectral Richard faded into the digital ether, leaving behind an out-of-office message for the ages. <emojis that break wordpress>”


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