“What does this mean?”




My eight year old asks me this a lot. I irritate her by asking here to think through it and prompting her with questions.

Right now I’m running an experiment, posting lyrics from OK go videos with images mostly of my kiddos that feel right to pair with the lyrics.

Currently I am absolutely loving OK Go music videos. We had a great conversation about the meaning of a few of these.

Both of my daughters really enjoy the videos too. They’re colorful and chaotic and fun. And they speak deep truths and insights about perspective and meaning.

The One Moment is my absolute favorite. If you havent seen it, please do yourself the favor of watching it.

I love these lyrics, the video, I love the reminder that the beautiful moments with my kiddos are fleeting because they grow up. The things we build dont last forever and cant. So catching photos and trying to be in the moment with them is important.


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