I’m glad you’re in my life

Four years ago on this day my daughter came home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Covid had begun already, I hadn’t been able to see her for a month. With the pandemic only one parent was allowed to visit babies in the NICU. So after four long months, she was home.

Around Christmas my wife had a life threatening risk from her pregnancy with our youngest daughter. So they needed to deliver the baby early.

Thats a much longer and deeper story. Some of it is told here on this blog four years back, and if you are a personal friend and want the password to view it just ask me.

But now, reflecting back on it there has been much change, it seems so long ago and yet just yesterday.

Now, my youngest daughter can be challenging, But even when she’s being difficult and we need to make bedtime shorter, we have a routine. She lays in my lap and tells me:

“I’m glad you’re my friend.”

And I tell her

“I’m glad you’re my friend.”

“I’m glad you’re my daughter.”

“I’m glad you are here.”

“I’m glad you are in my life.”

“I’m glad you are healthy and happy.”

“I hope you have a wonderful night with lots of good sleep.”

Speak kindly to people you love.

As often as you can.

Make a habit of it.

And maybe sometimes try speaking that way to yourself too.


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