Andrew Yang 2020:

EDIT : I’ve added a more updated post on Andrew Yang here but I’ll leave this historical post up too!

“since it is a revolution, it is better to start it ourselves than to suffer of it.”

-Andrew Yang: attributed to Otto Von Bismark

I’ve become a big fan of Andrew Yang.

Why: Because our children deserve a future where they don’t face the bleak consequences of becoming unemployable through no fault of their own. Because we deserve, as we the people, the owners’ right in our Nation. Owners have the right to vote themselves a dividend, to benefit from the accrual of wealth of their common enterprise. Because this is the best chance to help secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

After listening to Yang speak for a total of nearly 5 hours on 3 different unhurried podcast interviews (Sam Harris’, Freakonomics and Joe Rogan Experience I am convinced his ideas are the right ones for our Nation’s future.

In these interviews he addresses economics, automation, the coming tidal wave of disruption in work, valuing contributions to society outside of ‘traditional’ markets,  immigration, suicide, mental health substance abuse, drug policy, and money in politics, and tough hard lines on foreign cyber and info ops

I’d like to hear him talk more (and be asked) about his positions on climate change and nuclear weapons. Though his policy page outlines clear points on them.

My action plan for helping his ideas reach as many neurons as possible is:

Donate now?
  1. Listen to his views in podcasts listed above.
  2. Promote it to others that care what I think, and encourage them to listen and reflect on it, social media, direct messages, conversations, this blog!
  3. Donate what I can afford to his campaign, once a candidate gets 65,000 donors they must be admitted to the Democratic Debates. Even after admission every additional donor signals more and more support for the ideas, even $1 sends a signal. UPDATE – Yang has surpassed the required 65k donors. and has set a new goal of 200k to send a message heading into the debates. Lets do it!
  4. I have a couple hacks to get you money you can donate for free*! Any money I get from referrals here I will donate to Andrew Yang’s campaign, and/or pass it on for others to donate to grow the numbers! You tell me how you want to do it! Sign up for the Cash App with my referral code ( QLGTRQP ) and we’ll each get $5! (After, of course, you send $5 to a friend using a newly linked debit card-this is a growth thing for them after all) Already have the Cash App? Same strategy different apps: Circle Pay for this one my referral code is (9EYH84) I hear Circle pays out $10, but requires a transfer of $25, here’s their official terms
  5. Advocate for instant runoff elections (quick video explainer) in democratic primaries to allow people to accurately express their preferences – I’ll be digging into how we can do this better state by state. (Others ideas to begin with)

And just for fun…. Don’t care so much about all the ‘campaign of ideas‘ stuff that I happen to like so well? Just want to know whats the cold hard cash value an Andrew Yang victory should be worth to you right now? It’s about $1,200: Check out this model.

*Nothing is free. This is a growth strategy for them and they expect to recoup it by you growing their network and likely ultimately monetizing by information and possibly fees-though right now debit and bank account transfers are free through these. Consider whether the payouts are worth the hassle, bothering your friends and your data being stored by yet another company. For me it’s worth it to get the money and donate it. And who knows which payment platform will dominate in the future anyway?