Why Andrew Yang 2020

1 in 3 American jobs are likely to be automated out of existence by 2030.

Andrew Yang has a plan to deal with it.

Andrew Yang 2020
Andrew Yang for President 2020

Why I personally am investing huge amounts of effort in supporting the Yang Campaign:

We are facing an economic Tsunami the likes of which we have not seen before. This time really is different. The best analogies we can think of are the great depression (where there was only 25% unemployment) or the industrial revolution – where hundreds died in massive labor adjustments and the political and economic ideologies of Socialism, Communism and Fascism were born in other nations’ struggles to adapt, leading to the second world war.

The last time WAS bad. Really bad. Don’t let people dismiss that. But this time is worse. This time we’re not automating away human muscles, this time we’re automating away human thinking. This time is different and this time will be worse.

It will also be better! There will be outrageous abundance! In the same way that we as a people no longer need a majority of our workforce growing food, so to can we free people from repetitive tasks and drudgery. The questions is: will this benefit all of us? Or only a tiny fraction of our population who happen to own the companies that automate this work away?

Only Andrew Yang, of all the candidates in 2020 is talking about this. Only Andrew has a detailed plan to deal with it. Please encourage your friends to Google him. Read about him, maybe read his book. Then come join us and volunteer, text and call for his campaign, we need your help. More of our fellow citizens need to hear about these problems and the solutions he has.

Next up? some personal commentary on my experiences and how they drive me to support the Yang campaign, stay tuned….

New Info: I decided to make a new website for my advocacy of Andrew Yang. You can find it here: https://www.veteransforyang.com/


3 responses to “Why Andrew Yang 2020”

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  2. I couldn’t agree more Richard. I’m so glad you’re a part of supporting Andrew’s campaign.

  3. Hey Richard, I just wanted to let you know that I am a texter and sweeper for Andrew Yang. I just swept 450 texts and most were yours. I was so impressed in the way you handled your replies. I hope you do not mind that I am putting in a good word for you to the home base. The reason we need to sweep is that some texters simply do not handle the questions and answers in the best way, and some work needs to be done. Your work is top-notch. Happy to have you on board. Where are you in the states? I am in Boston. My husband and I are also call banking. well, nice to meet you, Gina