Be Brave

Learning about Brave, in Brave Browser

I completely recommend and endorse the Brave Browser. I’ve been using it for a few years now and have really appreciated its speed and built in concern for security, privacy and ad-blocking. I got started back in the day just by reading about it, but now by partnering with Coinbase Earn, Brave has created a way for new users to learn about and try Brave and be rewarded in Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) I just tried it out and enjoyed the refresher. There was also something amusingly meta about learning about the Brave Browser in the Brave Browser. You should give the lessons a shot and see what you think! Don’t have a Coinbase account yet? You can use my referral link to create one and we’ll both get rewarded!

OH! Update: also, as a website ‘creator’ turns out Brave has a direct incentive program for us too, want to try out a new fast privacy focused browser and get paid to do so too? Check it out here!