What can the outsider see?

I’d like a phone number to your coffeeshop please.

No phone? (The ‘phone on the website was a field for employee applicants)

Today I had to drive into Raleigh for an event. I had to drive a little earlier to be there in time, and needed to take a call near my destination. So I looked for a coffee shop nearby. There was one within a block! But Google Maps told me they’re also a Sake Bar.

I couldn’t be sure they had Wifi now, and it wasn’t listed on the Google Maps info. No problem I’ll call them.

No phone number. ..

There’s a website! ……and no phone number there either. I hope the owner updates their information both on Google and on their own webpage soon, I cant be the only potential customer they’ve lost due to this.

But more importantly, what can we learn from this? We can learn to try to remember our own biases and curse of knowledge. What does a complete outsider know about us? Is it what we want them to know? Lets make sure the presence we have on the web conveys what we want others to know! (To that end, here’s my contact info).


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  1. By the by, on my first posting of this I forgot to add the link to the contact info that I promised…. oh the Irony! It’s there now.