Hello again hospital, I did not miss you.

But I am glad you are here.

And that the people that serve others are here within.

We’ve returned to the hospital again. Starting three weeks ago, we brought our two year old here for trouble breathing. She’s tested negative for Covid, but positive for a few other common viruses. It has been hard.

Maybe at some point I will add some detail to explain how and in what ways its difficulty can be understood. But we also recognize our fortune. We are lucky to have the support of a great hospital so close to home. Lucky to have it staffed with such skilled and capable folks here. Lucky to have such a fighter for a daughter, and a strong and understanding older daughter being brave on her own with friends or other family so much. Lucky to have great friends and family, pitching in helping to watch the big sister, and to bring us food all the time. Lucky to have great work colleagues and managers that support us and allow us to be absent form our work to be present for our children. We work to bear the above in mind in gratitude. That emotion that is incompatible with bitterness or anger or resentment.

So, it continues, we will keep going. With gratitude.


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  1. David and Denell Avatar
    David and Denell

    We are sending our prayers and love from across the country ❤️

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