Brilliance in the Basics – Leadership in Product Management

In the ongoing iteration and re-iteration of what I’ve learned, how I communicate it, what I learn anew and how I convey it, we have another release.

I was very lucky to get to speak on lessons in Product Management with Growth School. They kindly provided a recording link and password that I can share for anyone who is interested. The Growth School live presentation no longer offers a publicly viewable recording, but I did record my dress rehearsal and you, dear reader may view it here.

Don’t have the time to watch the whole thing? let me summarize it for you:

It will shock no one to hear that in this session I emphasized Brilliance in the Basics. I shared that leaders must

  • Set the example
  • Outline the mission
  • Take care of their team
  • Use authority well

I shared that all must

  • Start with why then proceed to how and what
  • Measure what matters (likely using OKRs!)
  • Understand and meet the jobs to be done
  • Balance and keep your mind on money
  • Know a little bit about everything but be brilliant in the basics.

Here’s the final summary slide. Want my whole deck? Sure!

What do you think?


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