Do good with your career! 80,000 hours

As I’ve shared before I’m driven by a personal mission in life: to grow powerful people: to learn and teach so that others can better survive and thrive through understanding knowledge!

The video version of this call to action!

I’ve been very struck recently with the concepts of effective altruism, of doing good even better with careful consideration and measurement of impact.

For many of us, the most valuable thing we have to contribute is our working career – the 80,000 hours across our lives in which we are professionally employed – and we can leverage this to do good in the world. It’s very rare that someone has millions of dollars to give. Rare to have a position of leverage that can allocate the money of others or the power of a state. But we can all align our productive work to do more good in the world. If any of that resonates please give the book a read – its free! its fast! and I found it very helpful! (PLEASE don’t fall victim to the bias that something you don’t pay for isn’t worth your time and thought, I PROMISE this one is.)

Link to the book:

Still on the fence? My book review: on GoodReads

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